Welcome to releaserigshop.com

Ever since I started to make the first release rigs back in 2007 I have dreamt about making these unique and extremely effective rigs easily available for all anglers around the world. So – what is more obvious than to start a shop dedicated 100 % to selling ready-made rigs and release rig kits – plus all the necessary materials and rig-bits, so you can make the release rigs yourself?  

Releaserigshop.com is the first and only shop of its kind in the world. I focus only on innovative new rigging systems plus associated gear such as rig building tools and rig containers – and I have no intention of competing with other shops on the market by selling main stream gear such as rods, reels, lures, lines and fishing clothes.  

I have dedicated more than 10 years of my life developing the release rig concept to perfection, so if there is anyone in the world who can guide you through the rig jungle – I am the one. Therefore – please don’t hesitate to ask for advice with your rig building at jens@bursell.dk – so I can help you finding the right solutions and assist you in maximizing your landing rate.

See you out there

Jens Bursell


0045 3070 0236


Vinkelvej 13, 3540 Lynge Denmark