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With loads of new ideas and a truly innovative approach to not only rigs and techniques but also Catch & Release methods – Jens Bursell and his co-authors injects a refreshing breath of renewal into the international pike scene anno 2019. Spiced up with spectacular photography and a breathtaking layout this book is not only highly informative – it also communicates the excitement and beauty of pike fishing in a way that makes you want to go fishing – now.

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The Skating Hook Rig


With The Skating Hook Rig by Jens Bursell you get a much better hook exposure when fishing with dead bait. And - because of a unique "moving hook effect" its possible to hook the pike even when it locks its jaws solidly over the bait. Get all the details of the rig in...
Wim Van de Voorde with his 16 kilo pike caught on Westin Hypoteez fished on a release rig

Dutch pike success with the release rig

More and more european pike anglers have started to use release rigs after I published my latest book Pike Fever back in October 2019. One of them is Wim Van de Voorde from Holland: - How can you use really really big lures and swimbaits with confidence that a bite...
Cedric Koura 82 cm seatrout on Release Connector

Mega seatrout on Release Connector

Today Cedric Koura from Germany caught his biggest seatrout ever - an immaculate silver seatrout measuring 82 centimeters with an estimated weight of 7,5-8 kilos. The fish took the Line Thru Sandeel in black/silver fished with a black Release Connector and a size 12...

Success with the release rig

During the last weeks I have had quite a lot of pike anglers ordering release-rig kits from, so they could start up on their new style of fishing with release rigs. One of them is Jasper de Grave from Belgium who have had a lot of trouble hooking...

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The use of release rigs is getting more and more popular – and this trend is increasing as many people realize how these hyper effective rigs results in a much higher landing rate – and consequently a more rewarding fishing for you. But – getting all the right parts...




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