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  • the easiest way to fish a fly with the highest possible landing rate. 4 in a packet
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If you tie your fly on an In-line Claw Fly Shank and fish it with a size 16-14 treble instead of the usual single hook size 6-4 – you will improve your landing rate from 40-45% to 85-90%. Or in other words – you will almost double up the amount of fx seatrout you land pr. unit of time. And this method is also better for the fish than above mentioned singles, because it´s possible to unhook deeply hooked with 100 % under water with a pushback disgorger. All this without the use of any advanced rigs or special hooks

Size S is perfect for flies like Polar Magnus, Grå Frede and many medium sized shrimpflies (normally tied on a size 6 singlehook with a shaft length of approx 21 mm and total length of 3-4 cm) where as size M is better for the larger shrimpflies (normally tied on a size 4 singlehook with a shaft length of 26 mm and total length of 4-6 cm). Made from top quality 0,55 mm stainless steel wire.

When fishing all you need to do is to put the trace/tippet through the two eyes and tie the size16-14 treble in a small rapala knot with a loop length of 2-3 mm as shown on the photo. NB: It is important, that the knot does not pass through the rear eye because the hook must be dangling loose under the fly to get the perfect hook exposure and consequently very high landing rate.

If the eye is a bit to wide to stop the rapala knot– adjust by giving it a slight squeeze with a small flatnosed plier. If you by mistake squeeze it too much, open it again with a small, thin nail and soft blow with a hammer.

Size L is made for pikeflyfishing or other very large flies with a shank length of 6-6 cm and total length of 10-15 cm. Made from top quality 0,9 mm stainless steel wire.

NB: These In-line Claw Fly Shanks are without the fly tied on it. They are handmade by Jens Bursell – and exact size can variate a bit

Read this big article about the In-line Claw Fly (in danish)


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