Stop Float Silicone – Pezon Michel


  • low friction floatstop – used as buffer stop on release leader – or on moving hook extensions & rigs. 3 x 15 in one packet.


This silicone float stop is made from semi-transparent silicone and is a visually elegant float stop especially for rigs meant to be fished mid water. It does not give as much friction as the float stops from fx Drennan. This is perfect, when you are going to use the stopper in front of the cross-lock, because his stopper must be able to slide up the trace during the fight and act as a buffer, so the connection to the link between line/up-trace – and front trace – is not damaged by the swivel on the cross-lock. On rigs where you don’t semi-fix the front hook to the bait, the front floatstop also acts to prevent the rig from sinking away from the bait on the spinstop.

The size you use depends on the inner diamter on the ring of the the ball bearing snap holding you lure. If the solid ring is so big, that it can slide over the floatstop – put a clear 3-4 mm bead between ball bearing snap and your low friction float stop. The above mentioned bead can also be bought here at

The Pezon Michel Flaotstop is also good for moving-hook rigs, where several low friction float stops sitting right up to each other gives the possibility of adjusting the friction of the moving hook effect. The more float stops you have beside each other – the higher friction is needed to trigger the moving hook effect.

Read more about how to use this excellent float stop in the book “Pike Fever” – also found in this shop.


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