More and more european pike anglers have started to use release rigs after I published my latest book Pike Fever back in October 2019. One of them is Wim Van de Voorde from Holland:

– How can you use really really big lures and swimbaits with confidence that a bite will also result in a catch?  That was the question on my mind, says Wim.  – The standard huge hooks underneath the swimbaits didn’t give me confidence and the misery they cause in a pike mouth doesn’t make me happy either.  For some time now I have been using the release rigs as devised by Jens Bursell.  And with success!  Hardly any loosening anymore and no more major damage in the pike mouth.  You have to get the hang of the montages, but once you get it, you don’t want anything else! This is the ultimate solution especially for huge lures.

A few days back my use of release rigs culminated with a new PB pike at 124 cm and 16 kilo pike caught on the Westin Hypo-Teez and of course the release rig. I 7 pikes that day with two meter plus fish. The landing rate this day was 100%.