The perfect and most throughly field tested hook for release rigs

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This exact hook has been our reference point in our tests with release rig for over a decade. During this time we have caught thousands of pike and seatrout on this excellent hook – and it has never failed by breaking or collapsing during fight despite using hooks 4-6 hook sizes smaller than would normally be used on the same size of baits without release rigs.

For standard release-rigs we use the Owner ST 36 BC X. On small baits for pike we use size 8 trebles at the rear end and size 6 at the front; on medium sized bait size 6 at the rear end and a size 4 at the front. On larger baits a size 4 at the rear end and a size 2 at the front especially for trolling. When using 40 centimetre plus soft baits for trolling we often use size 2 at the rear end and size 1 at the front.

These hooks have the necessary sharpness, the perfect physical shape and last but not least they have been tested and have proven that they have the strength to hold up to the rigours of practical fishing. The hook point is straight and razor sharp which makes for efficient pricking, and the hook gape is wide making for a solid hook hold. The eye of the hooks is a wide teardrop shape that makes it easy to fit split rings even on the small hook sizes. The wire used is thin enough to ensure good penetration but at the same time has the strength needed to land even the largest of pike. You may of course use other hooks but this is the one we know works very well. For muskie fishing you may want to step up one hook size and perhaps use hooks made from 2X wire.

Read more about how to use these hooks on release rigs in the book “Pike Fever”. You can also buy this book here at releaserigshop.com.


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