25 metres of top quality fluorocarbon

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When you fish with release-rigs your choice of fluorocarbon is important, because not all types does the job well. Ace Riverge is our first choice when it comes to top quality fluorocarbon. We have used this material for our trout release-rigs and fluorcarbon traces in over 10 years now, and it never fails. Its clear, its strong, its abrasion resistant – and is has exactly the right shape memory, texture and surface needed to get the right results when using semi-fixed anchorpoints on release rigs. Look no further – this is by far the best fluorocarbon for this purpose available.

Ace Riverge is also a superb material for standard  fluorocarbon traces when using fx Claw Connectors, Release Connectors and Helicopter-Rigs. Here we recommend to use a 4-turn Grinner or Uni-knot – moisted before tightening.

0,37 mm is the standard choice for release rigs for seatrout release-rigs with one or two treblehooks or salmon rigs for helicopter-rigs, while 0,33 mm is a better choice when using Claw or Release Connetors. 0,265 mm is my personal standard choice for bombarda traces where the fly is fished with fx L-rig or Releasefly Connector.  0,47 mm is used for helicopter rigs.

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