Claw Connector Kit for Seatrout – by Jens Bursell


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Claws Connectors can be used to improve the hook-exposure and landing rate on all types of lures for all predators. In general your landing rate will be improved 50-70 % if you drop down to a microbarbed sz 12 treble for the trout. The Claw Connector creates an off-set exposure of the hook, that enables you to use much smaller and better penetrating hooks, leading to a better hook hold and a much higher landing rate. The shape of “The Claw” helps the smaller hook to get sufficiently far down behind the jaw, where its easier for the hook to get a good and deep grip in the softer flesh above the rock hard jaw bone.

In this kit you get all materials, so that you can make your own Claw Connectors for seatrout and rainbow trout: 100 x 7″ 0,75 mm stainless steel wire, 30 x teardrop solid-rings from Prologic, 20 x Claw Connector In-line Beads in biodegradable plastic from Jens Bursell, 10 x 0,4 gram black slotted tungsten beads, 25 x top quality size 1 split-rings and a package with 8 of  the best hooks on the market for the purpose: Owner ST 36 BC X size 12. The finished Claw Connector shown in the photo is not included in the price. (NB: Neon red tungsten beads shown on picture are not included in this set)

The Claw Connector will last “for ever”- you just need to shift the hook when it becomes blunt. In this kit there is plenty of wire for doing some mistakes  learning to bend the connectors correctly – and to make 20 weight compensated connectors. You get one packet with 8 hooks – to mount the first connectors you will be fishing with. Buy more hooks and rig-bits in the shop when you step up your home production of Claw Connectors. When you master the technique on 7″ piece of stainless steel wire will make two Claw Connectors.

Note that there is a difference on how to make the claw connectors for in-line lures and for plated spoons/threaded moulded lures.  With this kit you can make both types – but Claw Connector In-line Beads and the teardrop solid-rings are only used for the in-liners. On Claw Connectors made for in-liners the two eyes on the connector is parallel in the same spatial plane. For plated spoons and threaded moulded lures – they must be 90 degrees to each other. All this is explained in this article, and in the video here.

This kit is made for the seatrout and rainbow trout anglers, but it can also be used for salmon when using fx size 10 treble with heavy 2X wire. The same Claw Connectors can also be used for improving the landing rate on small to medium sized predator lures fx perch, zander and pike lures. For the big and heavy pike lures we recommend 0,9 mm wire, split-rings #2 and and treble hooks in the size 4-2 range.

With this kit you also get a small 11 x 9 x 3 cm tacklebox with flip lids – perfectly suited for keeping track on all your rig-bits, hooks and Claw Connectors + your favourite lures and spoons.

If you want all the tools needed to make your claw connectors you can either buy the separately in this shop – or buy them togehter with the same kit here.

See how to make the Claw Connector in my book Pike Fever or in this article (in danish)

A video on how to make the Claw Connector will be available soon – primo april 2020.


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