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  • unique transparent click-on bait spike for soft baits, 15 pcs in a packet.


This unique bait spike I designed in order to create a visually elegant and flexible baitspike optimized specifically for obtaining the 100 % perfect exposure on the rear hook on release rigs for soft baits – but the Crystal Bait Spike can also be used for all other normal purposes when fishing with soft baits and normal stinger rigs.

Most bait spikes are way too short to obtain the optimal exposure of the hook needed to maximize the landing rate – but with both 2, 3 and 4 cm versions the Crystal Bait Spike isn´t.

The Crystal Bait Spike is the first bait spike ever made by a transparent light material, giving a less conspicuous and more visually elegant set-up of the hook link compared to what you normally see with traditional bait spikes.

The spikes are pointed in the end and made with 2-3 small blunt “barbs”, that ensures a solid grip in your soft bait – without ripping it up, when the hook link is released from the bait during the fight. The eye on the Crystal Release Spike is semi-open and flexible, so it´s easy to click on and off your rigs for fast and flexible changes of the set-up. When clicking the eye in and out of the wire, support the wire with your fingers/nails in order to get a better grip – and to avoid deforming wire material permanently.

These transparent bait spikes are made from biodegradable PLA bioplastic – also called Polylactic Acid. This material represents the fulfillment of the dream of a non-petroleum based plastic produced from renewable sources such as maize as opposed to traditional plastics which are derived from non-renewable fossil petroleum based fuels. PLA will typically degrade after 6-24 months in the water, where as conventional plastic will take several hundred to thousands years to degrade. Despite of this we still recommend you to re-cycle this material.

When fishing with soft baits such as shads – especially with free hanging release stingers, it is recommend to cast with an even acceleration or to use a multiplier. This will reduce the risk of hooks catching the main line in the cast to a minimum.


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1 review for CRYSTAL BAIT SPIKES by Jens Bursell

  1. Ole (verified owner)

    The spikes are great for the rear hook. It comes in 3 sizes so you will be able to use it on pretty much any soft bait.
    Although thin they are very solid!
    Makes up for a elegant and subtle presentation.

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