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  • obtain gyro effect on your semi-fixed hook links, 20 mm, 6 pcs/pack + 2 x 2 cm top quality silicone tube.


With the Gyro Release Connector you obtain 100 % control of the orienteering of the hook no matter how the bait moves – leading even better penetration, hook grip and consequently to an extremely high landing rate on especially soft baits. This system can also be used not only for improving the hook up rate on release rigs – but also on release hook links and normal stinger systems.

The Gyro Release Connector a kind of release-clip but as opposed to release-clips made from wire it may more easily be attached and detached to the eyes of the lure. If this connector is combined with a module built release-rig as for instance Westins Release Rig where front rig and hook link are loosely hinged together with a split ring, you will obtain a ”gyro-effect”. This means that the hook will always hang optimally with one hook pointing away from the bait – even when both the bait and the rig are twisting around their own length axis. The advantage of this is that you optimise the chances of hooking with only one point which gives a better penetration, deeper hook hold and therefore also a higher landing rate.

This is not possible using normal rigs where you will never achieve total control of whether the rig will rotate around its own axis so that you will lose control over the orientation of the hook. The Gyro Release Connector may be attached to both eyes from shallow bait screws attached to soft baits – or hard bait eyes.

When dealing with soft baits a well exposed hook rigged traditionally is synonymous with a hook hanging loosely via a bait spike. This way of rigging which is widely used has the disadvantage that the hook sometimes will catch the lure itself during the cast and point in the wrong direction with reduced hooking capabilities. This especially happens when hooks are razor sharp and you are using very pliable, soft baits that have the best action. This problem is solved 100% with a Gyro Release Connector no matter whether you fish normally with a stinger or with smaller hooks on a release rig. Here the hook is constantly semi-fixed in the position that provides the best hooking and hook hold during casting and retrieving but releases immediately after a fish takes.

This is how to use it: 1) Click the Gyro Release Connector into the eye of the shallow screw that is already mounted in the softbait at the right place. It can also be mounted on eyes on hard baits. 2) Push a 3 mm piece of Ø 3,0 mm silicone tube supplied in the pack – over the claw of the connector as shown in the photos and explained on page 313-314 in the book “Pike Fever”. Ø 3,0 mm is standard. If you want the hook to sit more tight use Ø2,5 mm silicone also supplied in the pack. 3) The hook is semi-fixed in the Gyro Release Connector in the same way as with the Softbait Release Connector – shown in the photo series in the photogallery above. Use gentle movements when sliding the hook into the Gyro Release Connector from behind, so you dont damage it.

The Gyro Release Connector may also be clipped onto the wire and just hold the hook rig when trolling. It may also be used to semi-fix solid rings and hooks if that is what you want. It allows for a considerable degree of flexibility. Read more about this in the book “Pike Fever”.

The transparent Gyro Release Connector are produced from biodegradable PLA bioplastic – Polylactic Acid. This material is a non-petroleum based plastic produced from renewable sources such as maize as opposed to traditional plastics which are derived from non-renewable fossil petroleum based fuels. PLA will normally degrade after 6-24 months in the water, where as conventional plastic will take hundreds to thousands years to degrade. Despite of this we still recommend you to re-cycle this material.


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1 review for GYRO RELEASE CONNECTOR – by Jens Bursell

  1. Ole Nørskov (verified owner)

    Perfect for softbaits but also hardbaits. I tend to combine them with release clips if I want the rear hook to sit further back.
    They are great for tailbaits because the hooks are 100 % controlled by the connector.

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