Hama Bead


Perfect for semi-fixing hooks on switch rigs and release rigs for bait fish. 25 in a packet

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The classic Hama Beads are a must to have when you are going to semi-fix a loose hanging hook in the size 8-4 range on fx Switch Rigs, Sating Hook Release Rigs – and other baitfish rigs. This is how you prepare and use your Hama Beads for semi-fixing hook: 1) Cut the side of the bead open with a sharp fly tying scissor – or a scalpel knife. 2) Click the bead on to the trace and 3) Slide the hook with the eye first into the bead until it locks the hook shaft and wire together (see photos in photo gallery above). Read more about how to use these beads in the book Pike Fever – also sold in this webshop.



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