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  • one of the best high friction rubber float stops on the market, 15 floatstops in a packet.


The float stops from Drennan are among the very best high friction float stops on the market. High friction is important when the stop is going to act as anchor point for the attachment of the bait, because it´s is at this semi-fixed point, that the casting acceleration is transferred to the bait.

We have used the Drennan float stops extensively for all types of release rigs for more than 10 years – and we can guarantee you, that this float stop is the absolute highest quality you can get.

The advantage of using this type of float stop as semi-fixed anchor point is that they – because of their size and shape – are easier to move on the wire than powergum stop knots. But be aware, that they give less friction than a well-made tight powergum stopknots, so if you experience the anchorpoint for the bait sliding during casting – combine with a powergum stop knot behind the floatstop to add friction – or switch completely to powergum knots. The right powergum for this purpose is sold here at releaserigshop.com.

When sliding the float stop on a multi strand wire its normally an advantage to prebend the wire, so it slides on to the wire without splitting the stop or causing the mounting loop to break. On mono titanium you simple hold the end of the wire with a plier, and spear the floatstop through the mid axis hole in the float stop. This type of float stop cannot be used on heavy fluoro carbon – here you must combine a powergum stop knot with a bead if you need a high friction semi-fixed point on the rig.

Size small is perfect and visually elegant choice for semi-fixed adjustment points for fx the release clip or Skating Hook Rig, where as size M is a fine stop for small cross-locks – perhaps with a slightly larger transparent bead between floatstop and solid ring on swivel/crosslock. If you want to use a float stop as a direct stop agianst larger cross-lock/swivels fx #1 we recommend you to use the Drennan Grippa Floatstop Big – also sold elsewhere on releaserigshop.com.


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