Cork Screw – Savage Gear


size M, 8 pcs. – for mounting wire mounted Softbait Release Connectors

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When fishing with loose hanging hooks on your soft bait, you can use a corkscrew for adding an eye to the soft bait, where you can semi-fix your rig. This will work fine for many softbaits, but often you will be able to improve your landing rate a bit more by using a release rig with semi-fixed hooks as described in the book Pike fever:

When using a Softbait Release Connector without a mounting spear, you need a corkscrew to mount the Softbait Release Connector to the soft bait. For this purpose the Corkscrew from Savage Gear with 1,0 mm wire diameter is perfect – and has the right diameter to fit the hole of the Softbait Release Connector. All you need to do is to bite the eye off with a plier, put a drop of super glue or even better epoxy glue at the point of the straight end of the corkscrew. Stick it into the hole of the Softbait Connector and wait for the glue to dry. Screw the corkscrew into the soft bait, mount the hook – and you are ready to fish.



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