RELEASE CLIP by Jens Bursell – readymade from Westin


The original release clip from Westin, 10 pcs. in a packet

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This unique release clip from Westin Fishing we made for the range of readymade release rigs I designed for Westin back in 2018-19. Normally you can only buy the Westin Release Clip as a part of the readymade rigs, but as the only shop worldwide we can now offer you these clips to use for home build rigs.

he Westin Release Clip can be used for all types of release hook links and release rigs. It is made from flexible 0,8 mm corrosion resistant steel wire – and is designed to fit perfect on standard sized mounting eyes on pike lures in all sizes. The unique shape enables you to get a fine grip on it even with cold fingers, and with the out-curved opening its easy to click on the mounting eye on the bait, when you semi-fix the hook link to the bait.

This release clip has the perfect tension enabling you to cast as hard as you want – and retrieve the bait in any style – with the hook link hanging perfectly under the bait all the time when you are fishing. But – as soon as a fish strikes the bait, the release clip will open and release the rig, so that no potential leverage effect can overstress the hook or hook grip.

The Westin Release Clip can be used in several ways: 1) When used for semi-fixing the front hook, so the rig don´t sink away from the bait during spin stops with slack line on release rigs – it is opened slightly with a pair of pliers, so you can fit it into the solid ring, who carries the front hook in a split ring. When the release clip sits in the solid ring, press the two claws on the clip towards each other with two flat nosed pliers, until the release clip has regained its original shape. 2) For semi-fixing the rear end of the rig to the bait. Here the eye of the release clip is slid on the rear end of the hook link – normally made from mono threaded titanium. The release clip can either be semi-fixed in the perfect position either with float stops or powergum knots.

Read much more about how to use release clips to maximize you landing rate in the book “Pike Fever”.


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