Twin Hooklink Baitfish Release Rig (40 lbs) by Jens Bursell – kit with all materials and rig-bits


  • enough materials for 5-6 rigs.

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The Twin Hook Link Baitfish Release Rig is made specifically for situations where it is preferable to use back rigged baits that fish horizontally where you need two treble hooks for a secure hooking. In this kit you get all you need to make this rig. The carrying hook that takes the casting acceleration and holds the bait horisontal during pike fishing, can be moved up or down the trace simply by pushing the power gum knot up or down the trace. The more turns you take on the power gum knot – the better friction. Be sure to make it very tight, so it can cope with the casting acceleration. Normally one tight power gum stop knot with 5 turns is sufficient for small to medium sized bait fish, but with very heavy baits – you might need two power gum stop knots in order to get enough friction in the semi-fixed anchor point of the rig.

Underneath the carrying hook you finish off with a solid ring, to which you attach two 5-7 centimetre long hook links. On each hook link you attach sliding bait spikes, that are rigged on the edge of the belly in order to make the hooks spread and hang loosely underneath the bait. The rig may also be used with only one hook link for the smallest of bait fish by detaching one of the two hook links.

When you are using fresh and lively live bait, they will move horizontally underneath the float regardless whether they are hooked in the mouth, nose or tail. Back rigged bait fish have the built in advantage that they will always be hanging horizontally in the water which is the most natural and often also the most productive presentation of the bait. But that said, bait fish hanging more or less vertically in the water may also catch well even though they are not natural looking.

This kit comes in two versions with either 36 or 54 lbs front trace of top quality 7-strand titanium from Darts. The breaking strength of the hook links are the same in both kits: 50 lbs. The Twin Hooklink Baitfish Release Rig can be used for presenting both dead or live bait fish in mid water under a float.

NB – compared to photo Darts wire are shifted to the same stuff from SPRO and the powergum is 11 lbs from Gardner.


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