RELEASE RIG (50 lbs) by Jens Bursell – kit with all materials and rig-bits


  • improve your landing rate with 80-90 % on medium to large baits. Enough for 5-6 rigs.

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With the standard release rig you can scale down the hook size 4-5 sizes and as a consequence of this combined with better hook exposure – you will improve your landing rate on most lures in the 15 cm + region from 45 % to 85 %. And – because of the smaller barbs, hook dimensions and the functionality of the rig you will also obtain shorter unhooking times, less bleeding and smaller hook wounds.

Read more about how to make these rigs in the book “Pike Fever” – also sold on

Higher landing rates and less damage to the fish with release rigs have in 2018 been documented on a scientific level in the article “Citizen science data suggest that a novel rig improves landing rate and reduces injury and handling time in recreational angling with artificial lures in Baltic pike (Esox lucius)” from the scientific journal PeerJ. 

In this kit you get all the material and rig-bits to make at least 5-6 release rigs – and you will have some material left for more rigs later. In this kig you get 3 metres of BFT Titanium No-Kink Leader 50 lbs, SPRO Pike Fighter 1 x 7 Titanium Leader, two packets of Owner ST 36 BC X trebles in size 4 + 6, Drennan Powergum 14 lbs, Westin Release Clips, Float stops from Pezon Michel and Drennan – plus all the necessary rig-bits such as solid rings, split-rings, crimps and beads.

This kit includes all you need tor the standard release rigs – but from this rig you can create a lot of other variations on the release rig specifically tailored for fx soft baits, bait fish, trolling etc. Read much more about the  endless possibilities for variations over this theme in the book “Pike Fever”.

NB – compared to photo Darts wire are shifted to the same stuff from SPRO in 60 lbs and 11 lbs Gardner powergum is used.



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