Split rings

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  • 25 top quality american stainless steel split rings, regular wire
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Reliability, strength and top quality is mandatory when you use small split rings. These american split rings are made from the strongest possible stainless steel with a form memory being just perfect for the solid rings normally used for release rigs. The wire is corrosion resistant – coated with zinc.

When using small hooks on release rigs – you also need small split rings in order to get a neat presentation of the rig. Smaller split rings – and rings in general – also has the advantage, that the risk of hooks catching up on the rings is reduced the smaller the rings are. For seatrout size #0-1 is the perfect size with fine wire for the most delicate rigs and regular wire for the standard rigs. For pike rigs #1 with regular wire is the perfect standard choice for most standard release rigs with size 6-4 hooks – and #2 with regular wire is fine for the very large lures and hooks in the size range from 2-1.

You need a small beaked split ring plier for these split rings – and we recommend the best choice for this purpose: Savage Gear Mini Splitring and Braid Cutter for the smallest seatrout rigs and Owners GP 20 Split Ring Tool for the pike rigs. Both are sold here at releaserigshop.com


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