SWITCH RIG (36 lbs) by Jens Bursell – kit with materials and rig bits


  • the perfect rig for small, slim dead bait fish up to 18 cm. Enough materials for 5-6 rigs.

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Shad Stinger Spike SPRO

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Owner ST36 BC X treble hook

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Darts Wire Lås

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If you want to optimize hook exposure and landing rate on smaller slim dead bait fish in the 12-18 centimetre range – the switch rig is a perfect choice. It is very easy to mount on the bait fish, easy to cast out – and because the rear hook is semi-fixed to the bait fish with a small elastic loom band and a bait spike, the exposure of this hook is fantastic.

Read more about how to make and fish this rig in the book “Pike Fever” also sold here at releaserigshop.com

In this kit you find all you need to make 5-6 switch rigs depending on how long you want the trace. This packet includes top quality Titanium 7-strand wire from Darts, high-end Owner ST 36 BC X trebles size 6 – and all necessary rig-bits.

NB – compared to photo crimps are shifted to crimps from Darts because SG Crimps are sold out.



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