Titanium 7-Strand wire – Darts

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  • the perfect long lasting and soft wire to use with bait fish and small-medium sized artificial baits. 3 metres.


If you want your release rigs for bait fish to last for many pike you need to use 7-strand titanium wire – and for standard bait fish up to around 25 centimetres this top quality 36 lbs 7-strand tianium wire from Darts is a very good choice. This 7-strand titanium wire is also perfectly suited as front trace or release leader for smaller artificial baits up to 60-70 grams. This material can be knotted with fx 4-5 turn blood knots tightned with a plier and secured with a drop of super glue – but it can also be fixed to rig-bits with fx 1,2 mm wire crimps also sold here in the shop.

When using this material it´s important to use a crimping plier well suited for use on titanium wire. We recommend the Spro Crimping Tool also sold here at releaserigshop.com



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