12 pcs. in a packet, for balancing & weight compensation – with release mechanism

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When using soft baits, one of the easiest way to weight compensate for the lighter hooks used on release rigs – is using nail weights or balance spikes – to add up for the weight loss. Screwin Weight Spike is a perfect combination of a balance spike and a release mechanism for the front hook: You simply push in the Screwin Weight Spike at the bally and use the in-built release clip to semi-fix the solid ring holding the hook.

The Screwin Weight Spike only works well as a release clip for solid rings with smaller hooks. It can also be used for semi-fixing large hooks turning in the optimal position for hooking, but because it can only be used for very large hooks with poor penetration and hook grip properties – you won´t achieve a much higher landing rate if you semi-fixing large hooks with this system. The background for this is explained in the book “Pike Feve”. If you want to semi-fix hooks on soft baits we recommend you use the Softbait Release Connector or Gyro Release Connectors that can be used with the right small and better penetrating hooks – also sold at


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