SOFTBAIT RELEASE CONNECTOR, wire mounted – by Jens Bursell

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  • the perfect hookholder for semi-fixed release rigs, 6 in a packet + 2 x 2 cm top quality silicone tube.


The wire mounted Soft bait Release Connector made from biodegradable, transparent plastic. This connector is used to improve the exposure, penetration,hook hold and landing rate on both normal stingers and release-rigs. It can be used not only below the bait, but also on top of the bait – fx when bumping your softbait over the bottom. See photos in the photo gallery above.

It is identical to the Softbait Release Connector – Spear – except that instead of a spear is can be mounted via a 1 mm corkscrew or piece of straight 1,0 mm U-shaped wire as described on page 314 in the book “Pike Fever”. A corkscrew for this purpose that fits this wire mounted Softbait Release Connector is sold here at NB: You have to buy the corkscrew seperately.

This connector may be used like the Gyro Release Connector on all sorts of soft baits to perfect the exposure and orientation with one hook away from the bait and two hook points towards the bait – in order to maximize penetration, depth of hook grip – and consequently also the landing rate, which is extremely high with this system due to the perfect position and orientation of the hook.

In order to mount this version of the Softbait Release Connector in the softbait – you need either a corkcrew where the eye is removed (see photos here and on p. 314 in the book “Pike Fever”) or a piece of 1 mm straight wire (page 315, e in “Pike Fever”). On the straight wire you do like this: Dap a drop of super flue or even better epoxy at the end of the wire and push it into the hole of the Softbait Release Connector. Let it dry – and you are ready to mount the wire mounted softbait release connector in the softbait. On the corkscrew you first mount the screw in the softbait – and then glue the connector to the screw. Corkscrew and wire for this purpose can be bought here at

When the Softbait Release Connector is mounted on the bait – you are ready to semi-fix the rig to the bait: 1) Push a 3 mm piece of silicone tube supplied in the bag – over the top of the connector. Ø 3,0 mm is standard choice, Ø 2,5 is used to give a more tight grip on the hook. 2) Slide the hook into the claw of the Softbait Release Connector in a gentle movement. Dont use violence to get it in, because this can damage the connector. Se how this is done very easily in the series of pictures above, 4) semi-fix the rear part of the hook link with a long Crystal Bait Spike – and fish.

The wire mounted Softbait Release Connector may also be used to perfect the exposure of your treble hook when fished on the back of a soft bait if you are fishing down deep and right above the bottom.

As a bottom fixed hook holder the Soft Bait Release Connector are especially good with soft baits fished at high speeds e.g. large and heavy in-line soft swim baits that often need a speed of 2,5-3,5 km/h to fish really well. The fact that the orientation of the connector as opposed to the Gyro Release Connector is perfectly locked, makes it impossible for the water to force the hooks too close to the body at high speed. This means that you can be sure that your hooks no matter how high the speed will always have the perfect position and exposure when using soft swimbaits. This connector may also be used with slowly fished baits such as shads or curly tails.

Read much more about how to mount and use a Soft Bait Release Connectors in the book “Pike Fever” page 313-315.

As mentioned above: The transparent Softbait Release Connectors are produced from biodegradable PLA bioplastic – Polylactic Acid. This material is a non-petroleum based plastic produced from renewable sources such as maize as opposed to traditional plastics which are derived from non-renewable fossil petroleum based fuels. PLA will normally degrade after 6-24 months in the water, where as conventional plastic will take hundreds to thousands years to degrade. Despite of this we still recommend you to re-cycle this material.

When fishing with soft baits such as shads – especially with free hanging release stingers, it is recommend to cast with an even acceleration or to use a multiplier. This will reduce the risk of hooks catching the main line in the cast to a minimum.

In order to get the right movement of the softbait, we recommend weighted screwheads with upturned eye.


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  1. Ole

    My favourite type of connector for the front hook. It gives a perfect hook hold and it is very solid.

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