TUNGSTEN BEADS – slotted – 0,48 gram


  • extra heavy wolfram beads for weight compensation on fx rigs and claw connectors. 10 in a packet


When shifting the traditional large hooks to smaller and better penetrating hooks, it is an advantage to weight compensate for the difference in weight of the hooks. On Claw Connectors this is most easily done by adding 1-2 tungsten beads on the Claw Connector.

The advantage of this compared to using fx Power Dots glued on the underside of the bait, is that a Claw Connector with a tungsten bead much better imitates the correct point of gravity and movement compared to the original weight distribution on the original bait. The advantage of using slotted beads is that they move more freely on the curved connector, making sure they dont get stucked on the middle of the connector, so the point of gravity is not optimal.

These tungsten beads have a diameter of 3,8 mm and weigh 0,48 gram. They will fit well over all stainless steel wires found here at releaserigshop.com. Available colors – black nickel and neon red.

You can also buy wire for Claw Connectors here in this shop – plus all the tools needed to shape and finish the connectors.


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black, neon red


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