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Reliable tools are mandatory when you are going to make your own Claw Connectors. For this purpose you need a small and short round nose plier – like our Bacho Nose Plier – 4530.

This model is the perfect choice when you are going to bend the eye of your Claw Connector – and when you are going to make the right curve on the stem of the Claw Connector after making the two eyes.

Bacho are well known when it comes to top quality tools that won´t let you down. This high end precision instrument was originally made for demanding tasks the electronic industry, but it is also your best choice of tool when you are going bend and hold heavy wire when making Claw Connectors or other types of hook-extensions.

This delicate, compact and yet extremely strong round nose plier is developed according to the scientific ERG O™ process – ISO 5745. It is made from High performance alloy steel with black anti-corrosion treated finish and has ERG O™ handles with a 2-component combination thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene which gives superior grip. CNC machine grinding guarantees accuracy and it is equipped with a powerful and long lasting return spring, so the plier is always open and ready to use. Read much more about how to use the Bacho Nose Plier – 4530 when making your Claw Connectors in the book “Pike Fever”.

The Claw Connectors are made from 0,8-0,9 mm stainless steel wire – a product you can also buy via


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