• the ultimate crimping plier of forged and hardened stainless steel for making titanium loops

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Normally the rear end of your release rig for mid water fishing is always made form mono threaded titanium. Because this excellent trace material is both hard and slippery at the same time, making strong and perfectly crimped loops sets very high demands for your crimping pliers.

We have tried many crimping pliers on the market, that simply not did this job in a convincing way – resulting in a high frequency of crimped loops that opened when the should not open!

One plier we have used extensively for years – without failing on the very important job, is the Spro Crimping Pliers: I rate the Spro Crimping Pliers as the best crimping tool on the market for making release rigs of titanium. For normal release rig made from wire the slim groove is normally used, while the broad groove is made for use with fluorocarbon or very heavy wire. The grooves has in-built staking dies. Spro Crimping Plier is 14 centimetres long and is has excellent corrosion resistant satin-nickel finish – ideal also for saltwater use. These extremely durable pliers comes with a comfortable anti-slip TPR handle with slip guard for better grip and protection.



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