The perfect pliers for allround release rig fishing with small hooks

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When mounting small hooks in the size 16-4 range on release rigs with small split-rings, a split ring plier with a very small beak make everything much easier. Especially when monitng the smallest hooks in split rings from size 00 – 1 and hooks in the 16-12 range its almost impossible to do easily without a pair of pliers like these. With the narrow beak its very easi not only to open the rings but also to twist them into the right position.

The Westin Finesse Split Ring Pliers is 13,5 cm long, and made from stainless steel and is corrosion resistant with its titanium coating. On the inner side is a very sharp serrated cutting edge, that easily cuts braid, mono and fluorocarbon. Comes with a beautiful ergonomic and durable oft-touch grip handle.


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