RELEASE STINGER HARDLURE by Jens Bursell – ready made by Westin


  • rear part of Jens Bursells original release rig. 50 lbs mono titanium.


The Release Stinger Hardlure is made from top quality mono threaded 50 lbs titanium from American Fishing Wire. Despite the name, it can be used for improving the landing rate on both hard- and soft baits.

On hard baits simply push the release clips onto the eyes of the bait – and you are ready fo fish. On soft baits you can use this stinger by mounting two shallow/cork screws into the soft bait – and semi-fix the release clips in this. You can also use the other ready made release rigs for soft baits from Westin – or make your own.

The ready-made release rigs from Westin consists of two parts – the Release Leader who constitute the front part of the rig – and the Release Stinger constituting the rear part of the rig.

Westin release leader can be used for all sizes of baits – simply by adjusting the position of the semi-fixed anchorpoint of the bait.

This how to do: 1) Mount the Release Stinger at the end of the Release Leader with the split ring. 2) Mount the bait on the rig in the ball bearing cross-lock swivel. 3) Drag the float stops behind the ball bearing cross-lock – one at a time – up or or down the trace, until it fits, so that the release clip on the front of the Release Stinger can be semi fixed at the belly eye of the bait.

Finetune the positioning of the float stops so that the wire between ball bearing cross-lock and the front hook is just a little slack, when the bait and trace is held horisontal and the front part of the front trace fully stretched. After this you adjust the position of the release clip on the Release Stinger, by pushing the float stops up and down. This should be done so that the release clip is right under the rear eye on the bait, with the hook 3-4 centimetres behind the bait.

Read all about how to use – and fish with release rigs and hooklinks in the book “Pike Fever” – also found in this webshop.


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