With the Rhino Claw Connector for inline lures, every one can boost the landing rate on trout from approximately 40-45 % with normal big ready mounted hooks – to around 70 % with a size 12 hook. The Rhino Claw Connector Lures is made in four hook sizes – 12, 10, 8 and 6. For seatrout and rainbow trout Size 12 will often give the highest landing rate, but if you are not keen on very small hooks you can also chose the larger sizes if this suits you better. The system can also be used for many other predator species in fresh and saltwater in order to improve the landing rate. This Claw Connector can also be used for spinners or other lures with a horisontal mounting eye.

The advantage of The Claw Connector is, that it gives a better hook exposure, and consequently you can use smaller and better penetrating hooks – contributing to an even higher landing rate. The curve of the hook optimizes the chance that the hook will get a grip deep on the jaw, where the layer of soft tissue on top of the hard unpenetrable jaw bone is thicker. With this system the orienteering of the treble is also optimized for higher frequency of hook-ups on just one branch on the treble. This leads to a deeper hook grip and better penetration, because one branch penetrates easier than 2 or 3 branches. A higher frequency of hookups on just one branch is also better for the fish in a catch and release context. If you are going to shift the hook, it is therefor important to notice how the hook must be turned: ONE branch shall point forward/away from lure and TWO branches shall turn up backward/agianst the lure. See how the hook must be mounted on the photo here on this page.

If you change hook we recommend that you shift to Owner ST 36 BC X for trout and seabass (sz 12) and Owner STN 46 BC 2X for salmon (sz 10-8). For pike use Owner ST 36 BC X sz. 8-6. For change of hooks we recommend using the Savage Gear Mini Splitring and Braidcutter, which is perfect for the purpose.

A smaller version of The Claw Connector will be available later in 2020. This version is better for the smallest and slimmest lures. New versions with different colored tungsten beads is also upcoming.

The Claw Connector will fit all lures, but all combinations of hooks, rings, shapes of lures etc are different. This means that even though the standard Claw Connector works perfect onthe vast majority of lures and in the vast majority of combinations – there will be rare cases where a specific combination of dimensions on hooks, rings and the lure itself creates a situation, where you will experience that the hook sometimes will hang up on the lure/split ring of the lure in the cast. If this happens you simple alter the combination slightly – fx with a smaller split ring, a different sized hook or another size of Claw Connector. Most often it will normally be a question of an 1-2 mm adjustment, who means that you will get no tangles anymore.

If you want to make your own Claw Connectors, you can buy a complete material kit here – and a complete material kit + tools here.

You can buy loose Inline Claw Connector beads in transparent, red and neon orange here.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Hooksize - color of tungsten bead

12, neon red, 10, neon red, 8, neon red, 6, neon red


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