RELEASE STINGER BELLY SOFTLURE by Jens Bursell – ready made by Westin

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  • original softlure rig by Jens Bursell


The Westin Release Stinger Belly Softlure – is designed to obtain higher landing rates fished under the soft lure together with a Release Leader. 

It can be fished both release style fixed at the end of the Release Leader – or it can be fished as a normal stinger fixed to the lower eye of the screwhead. It can also be fished with a Release Leader/Release Stinger Top Softlure in the top – with this stinger fished as a normal stinger below.

The unique way the tail is semi-fixed on this rig is designed by Jens Bursell: The rear part of the rig ends in a short wire tag, that can be pushed under a piece of silicone tube on the shaft of the hook, so the hook is semi-fixed in seconds. When shifting the hook – simply swoop the tag out under the tube, shift book – and stick the wire tag back under the piece of tubing on the new hook. The semi-fixed position of the hook minimizes the risk of the hook snagging the rear part of the softbait. You can also choose to fish the rear hook loose hanging simply by swooping the wire tag out from the silicone tube. Buy extra Ø-2,0 mm silicone tube for this purpose here at

This rig works super as you buy it, but you can get an even better position and exposure of the semi-fixed rear hook by shifting the rear bait spike on the original rig to a 4,5 cm Crystal Bait Spike – also sold here at The bait spike is easy clicked onto the wire within seconds – and because it is transparent, it gives the rig an even more elegant look.

Read all about how to fish with these release rigs in my book “Pike Fever – also sold in this webshop.


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