RELEASE KIT BOX – complete set of release clips, spikes and tubes from Jens Bursell


  • get all the release mechanisms needed for your pike release rigs. SAVE 38,65 Euro compared to loose sales of the same items.

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When you start up experimenting with release rigs, its nice to have a good allround set of different release clips, spikes and tubes, so its easy for you to try out different solutions. For that purpose  I have made a selection of essential rig-bits for release rigs – packed in a top quality presentation box with individual compartments for each type of rig bits.

This set of release mechanisms for your release rigs includes: One plastic box with 11 closed compartments, 10 Micro Crystal Release Clips, 10 Westin Release clips in stainless steel, 2 x 6 Gyro Release Connectors made for hook sizes 4 and 2, top quality silicone tubing in Ø 2,0-2,5 and 3,0 mm (10 cm of each), 3 x 10 Crystal Bait Spikes for softbaits in sizes small, medium and large – plus 3 x 6 Softbait Release Connectors in the “easy to use” spear version made for hook sizes 4, 2 and 1. For each size of Softbait Release Connectors you get 3 transparent, 1 neon yellow, 1 red and 1 neon orange.

All plastic parts in this set is made of biodegradable plastic – just as all other plastic products from Jens Bursell: This material – also called PLA – is a non-petroleum based plastic produced from renewable sources such as maize as opposed to traditional plastics which are derived from non-renewable fossil petroleum based fuels. PLA will normally degrade after 6-24 months in the water, where as conventional plastic will take hundreds to thousands years to degrade. Despite of this we still recommend you to re-cycle this material.


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