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  • premium powergum used for creating the ultimate high friction semi-fixed points on your rigs.

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A good reliable trnaparent/clear powergum with the right combination of friction, elasticity and strength is a very important key element in the practical functionality most of your release rigs. For the pike rigs Drennan 14 lbs Powergum is the perfect choice – with thousands of hours of practical fishing with release rigs to proof its outstanding properties for this specific purpose.

If you make a very tight 5-turn stop knot with this material on fx a 50 lbs 7-strand titanium, the semi-fixed anchor point you obtain can without problems cope with the casting acceleration from a 100 gram lure. Combine this with a small transparent bead with a small inner diameter and a diameter large enough to stop the crosslock/swivel – and you have the best possible and most visually elegant anchor point for the bait/crosslock swivel. Because both the stop knot and bead is small and transparent, this is a more elegant solution than using several bigger float stops.

Another advantage of using powergum stop knots as semi-fixed anchor points – or adjustment points – on your rigs is, that if it´s damaged, it´s very easy to replace without having to rebuild the rig. If a float stop is damaged you often need to rebuild the rig – or to substitute it with a powergum stop knot.

The disadvantage of using powergum as a semi-fixed stop it that it´s harder to get a proper grip on the knot with your fingers and move it – compared to a float stop. In order to work correct the knot must sit so tight, that you can only move it on the wire with the corner of your thumb nail in a powerful, but controlled pull. This is not that hard to learn, but its easier to do with a float stop as the semi-fixed anchor point.

Drennan 14 lbs powergum is not only used for the high friction anchor point of the bait, but is also used for semi-fixed adjustment points on the rig – fx where you semi-fix the position the release clip in the rear end of the bait – or where you position stop beads on fx The Skating Hook Rig.

Note that the friction of the knot improve the more turns you take. For non-bearing stop knots such as the ones supporting the position of fx the release clip – you can use 3-4 turn, but for bearing knots that must cope with the pressure from casting acceleration – such as on the anchor point of the rig – 5-6 turns is better.

Read much more about the use of powergum on release rigs in the book “Pike Fever”. Buy this book here at www.releaserigshop.com.


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