The ultimate baitspike for bait fish – length 1,5 cm, 20 pcs. in a packet

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If you are going to fish your dead baitfish with fx Skating Hook Rig – or your live baitfish with different types of baitfish release rigs – the SPRO Shad Stinger Spike is the only baitspike on the market that does the job to 100 % perfection.

Traditional bait spikes constructed for fishing with soft baits does not work well on baitfish for the simple reason, that the baitfish has a different consistency – and lacks the elasticity of the soft bait. For these reasons bait spikes for bait fish must have a sharp point to penetrate the tough skin – and at the same time it must have pronounced barbs that enables the spike to get a proper grip in the bait fish.

Another advantage of the SPRO Shad Stinger Spike is the rater soft metal and rather big eyes, enabling you to close and open the eye very easy with a pair of pliers. In many practical fishing situations this gives a very good flexibility when adjusting – or repairing damaged rigs, compared to bait spikes made from harder metal, where it´s more difficult to open or close the eye of the bait spike. When you need a slightly smaller eye on the bait spike, the metal is so soft that is it easy to make it smaller to fit and block for a bead of a certain size –simply by squeezing the eye more flat with a pair of pliers.



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