RELEASE STINGER TOP SOFTLURE by Jens Bursell – readymade by Westin

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  • original release rig designed by Jens Bursell


We have all tried it – tail baiters. When the fish are shy, some times they only snap halt heartedly after the tail. This is a situation where you will land very few fish with traditional methods. But – with the Westin Release Stinger Top Softlure you have my solution to this problem.

Normally it is virtually impossible to position a hook in the paddletail, without either spoiling the movement because the wire is too strong and stiff or risk losing the fish because a soft and pliable leader will typically be too thin and weak.

To solve this problem I made a variant of the soft bait-release-rig with a back stinger made from single strand titanium that does not impede the movement of tail and body. At the same time it makes it possible to attach a size 6 to 8 hook at the tip of the paddle tail on such a strong and tooth proof leader that it will safely handle even the largest pike.

This is made possible by combining two different principles: In order for the stiff single strand titanium wire not to impede the action of the body and tail area of the soft bait, the bait spike that connects it to the rear half of the back has to be attached loosely on the wire so that the wire can slide through the eye of the bait spike. This means that when the body is bent then the wire still slides freely through the eye of the bait spike so that the delicate movements of the soft bait are not impeded by the wire being locked. Second, the rear part of the rig should be loosely hinged via a crimped solid ring – again to avoid the stiff and powerful wire from ruining the action of the soft bait.

The Westin Release Stinger Top Softlure is combined with a Westin Release Leader in the front – and a Westin Release Stinger Belly Softlure under the bait. These rig parts are also sold here at

Read all about how to fish with these release rigs in my book “Pike Fever – also sold in this webshop.


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