Mini Splitring and Braid Cutter – Savage Gear


  • the perfect split ring tool for delicate predator rigs with fine wire split rings #00 – #1.

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This fine tool from Savage Gear is a very good choice for delicate rigs with small hooks in the size 12-6 range and handles precision work with fine wired split rings in the size range from #00 – #1 to absolute perfection. It is not quite as strong as the Owner Split Ring Tool GP 20 who also handles larger split rings with regular wire, but if you use this plier with care on fine wires split rings – you don’t want to be without this fantastic tool.

The Savage Gear Mini Splitring and Braid Cutter has – as the name implies – also a very sharp braid cutter that works flawless on all main lines and up-traces – but it is too weak to use for cutting wire or thick fluorocarbon in the 0,80 mm + range.

If you mainly fish for smaller predatory species such as trout, zander or perch with your release rigs, the Savage Gear Mini Splitring and Braid Cutter is simply mandatory.



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