RELEASE HOOKLINK (50 lbs) by Jens Bursell – kit with all materials and rig-bits


  • improve your landing rate on small to medium sized baits over 80%. Enough materials for 9-10 rigs.

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The release hooklink is the perfect choice when you want to obtain higher landing rates on crankbaits and small to medium sized baits of all types up to around 80-100 grams.

With this rig the bait cannot slide up the trace as on the release rig, but the rig is 100 % leverage free, and when the baits are small and light – the sliding effect is not of great importance for the landing rate.  With this rig you can use all your normal pike traces as a front trace – and because you get a 100 % loose hinged effect on the rig in the crosslock, it means that even the smallest and most delicate crankbaits will keep their original movement pattern.

In this kit you get all the material and rig-bits to make at least 9-10 release hooklinks – and you will have some material left for more rigs later. In this rig you get 3 metres of SPRO Pike Fighter 1 x 7 titanium strand,  Leader, two packets of Owner ST 36 BC X trebles in size 4 + 6, Westin Release Clips, Float stops from Pezon Michel and Drennan – plus all the neccessary rig-bits such as solid rings, split-rings and crimps.

For most smaller baits this rig will improve your landing rate with over 80 % – but the landing rate can be improved a bit further by mounting your front hook in a T-link as described in the book “Pike Fever” – also sold here at Buy the wire used for making the T-link here in the shop.

NB – compared to photo crimps are shifted to crimps from Darts because SG Crimps are sold out and Darts wire are shifted to the same stuff from AFW9,).




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