Box for connectors and rig-bits with flip-lid


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When storing all your small connectors and other rig-bits for release-rigs, it is essential to have a god reliable box with small compartments and flip-lids for each individual compartment. In this way you avoid chaos – and that to many rig-bits gets wet if it rains.

This box we have tested extensively for years in our own coastal seatrout and pike fishing – and it is absolutely perfect for the job. If you are a trout or salmon fisherman the three biggest compartments is big enough to hold small- to medium sized lures up to 10,5 centimetres length.

The box has 4 small compartments, 4 medium sized compartments and 3 large compartments that each can be divided into 3 compartments. The latter has one common lid. The box measures 12 x 9 x 3 cm and is equipped with a nice looped string.





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