• 5 in a packet, fits size 14 trebles.
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When fishing single hooked flies for trout even the most experienced flyfishermen loose on average 55% of all contacts with flies in the size 8-2 range – no matter how sharp hooks you use. This has been documented on large data materials (1400+ contacts) and has been described in details in the book “Meerforellen – K├╝stenangeln mit Profi-Taktiken” by Jens Bursell.

If you are fishing trout flies in the size 6-2 range you can boost your landing rate from 45 % to 85-90 % by biting off the hookpoint with a plier- and mount a Releasefly Connector with a size 14 treble on an extremely simple release rig as shown in the photos above. It is very important that you turn the hook, so that one branch turns away from the fly – and two branches turns up agianst the fly. See how the Releasefly Connector is mounted here. Because two branches of the treble grip around the back of the Releasefly Connector, the hook will not release by mistake during casting – no matter how hard casting acceleration you create. But – as soon as there is a risk of leverage-effect on the hook during the fight, the hook will release immediately when the pressure on the hook is 90 degrees on the central axis of the fly. This means that you can use very small trebles without risking to over stress the small hook – even on big trouts in the 5-10 kilo class.

With this set up you harm the fish significantly less because the much smaller trebles – with correspondingly smaller barbs and dimensions – gives shorter unhooking times, less bleeding and smaller hook wounds – compared to the original much bigger singles. Additional this set up makes it possible to unhook 100 % under water with a disgorger – a unhooking scenario that is almost impossible with the larger singles in the size 6+ range.

It is also possible to fish “single hook” with this sytem – just bite off the 2 upper branches of the treble as shown in the last photo above.

You can get the Releasefly Connector for trout tailored to fit hooks in the size 6-4 range in 5 colors – transparent, bronze, red, orange and neon yellow. When using very small flies below size 6 I recommend using tubeflies and a L-rig with a size 14-16 treble.

Read our big article on Releasefly Connectors here (in danish)

The Releasefly Connector for trout is made to fit the treble Owner ST 36 BC X in size 14 – also found in this shop.

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transparent, bronze, red, orange, neon yellow


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