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BFT Strike Wire Carbon is made from 100% fluorocarbon of highest quality and this is a trace material we have caught countless of pike with over the years. Because its refraction index is very close to the refractions index of water, this material is as close to invisible you can get.

When fishing in gin clear water for shy fish the use of fluorocarbon as front trace or release leader is a choice that often will produce more bites. For pike the trace must be over 0,80 mm in order to avoid bite offs. 0,90 mm is generally a good compromise between having a tooth proof leader and still a visually elegant presentation in clear water.

Another advantage of fluorocarbon is the thickness:  During the fight the trace will be scraping around over the pikes head – and here a thick trace with a smooth surface will be doing less damage to tissue, mucus and scales compared to a thinner wire with a less smooth surface.

Flourocarbon leaders can be mounted to rig-bits and connections with wire crimps, but it´s also a good solution to use a simple 3 turn bloodknot tightened up with a plier. Moist the trace, compress the turns in the knot with your nails after the first tightening– and tighten once more with the plier. After this you cut off the FC-tag 3 mm from the knot and melt it down with a lighter, while shielding the knot from the heat with your fingers. If you want a loop – use a 2-3 turn rapala knot.

Fluorocarbon is the obvious choice when fishing pelagic in clear water, but it is not a good choice when fx ledgering with dead baits on the bottom. The reason for this is that fluorocarbon tend to coil and therefore it will not be lying flat over the bottom when ledgering – sometimes making it harder for you get a bite from shy fish. Here a softer multi strand wire is a much better choice, as it will lie tight and inconspicuously on the bottom.

Read more about how to use this material in the book “Pike Fever”. You can buy this book here at


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