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For release leaders and baitfish rigs, 3 metres in a packet


When fishing natural baits such as live or dead baitfish – or small artificial baits with delicate movements on a release rig – a 7-strand titanium wire is the best choice because 1) it is softer and more flexible giving a better movement with small baits or on live baitfish and 2) with a softer wire there is less risk of spooking the predator especially when fishing dead baitfish on/off the bottom.

BTF´s Seven Strand titanium is one of the wires we have been using a lot when testing release rigs the last decade: You won´t get disappointed – this wire will survive many action packed trips with thousands of razor sharp pike trying hard to demolish your rig.

Another advantage of the 7-strand titanium compared to mono is, that when used as release leader in the front, the multi strand construction gives a higher friction against the semi-fixed anchor point of the bait. This means, that it´s easier to create enough friction to counteract the pressure from casting acceleration on the float stop and/or power gum stop knot behind the cross-lock attaching the bait to the rig. Or in other words: With multi strand wire it is more easy to get a tight enough fit of the semi-fixed anchor point for the rig, so you obtain trouble free casting without the risk of having the semi-fixed anchor point sliding down the trace when it´s not supposed to. With a multi strand wire a 5-turn stop knot of 14 lbs power gum  combined with a small stop bead would often be all you need to semi-fix the anchor point perfectly when casting baits up to 100-130 gram – and at the same time it´s visually very elegant. Power gum and beads are also sold in this shop.

Be aware that when cutting this braid you must use a very sharp plier with a clean cut – or a very sharp large scissor – in order not to split the cords. If they do – twist them gently back around each other with your fingers.

This material can be fitted to rig-bits and solid rings with either wire crimps and a crimping tool or you can use a 5 turn bloodknot – tightened up with a short flat nosed plier. Tools for this purpose can be bought elsewhere in this shop.

30 lbs is fine for light baits or small- medium sized baitfish where a delicate presentation is demanded. 50 lbs is the best allround choice for casting heavy natural and artificial baits in the 80-200 gram range – and 75 lbs is the best choice for fx trolling with 40-50 cm large soft baits in the 300-1000 gram class.

Read more about how to use this material in the book “Pike Fever”. You can buy this book here in the shop.


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