JB Camo Clip – dead bait casting clip by Jens Bursell


  • brown casting clips in biodegradable plastic, 6 in a packet.

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When pike fishing with fragile dead baits or any dead baits fished with moving-hook rigs such as Twinex Release Rigs or The Skating Hook Release Rig – you need to cast with a casting clip such as the JB Camo Clip. When using a casting clip you prevent the hooks or rig from detaching from the bait during the initial phases of the cast, where a hard pressure from the casting acceleration can easily destroy the grip from hooks or rig in the bait.

Do like this: Mount the casting clip in the cross-lock at the end of your snag leader – either directly or via a split-rig. Make sure the “hook” on the casting clip points outwards. Mount the solid ring or swivel at the end of your rig in the cross-lock. Now mount a loop of heavy nylon, a plastic strip – or even better a PVA strip that dissolves in the water around the rig and tail of the bait fish as described in the book “Pike Fever” at pages 219-221. Lift the dead bait fish in the casting loop and hang it on the “hook” of the casting clip. Gently let it hang 0,5-1 meter under your rod tip – swing it back and make your cast with a slowly accelerating movement. In mid air the loop will fall off the casting clip – and your bait + rig will land perfectly on the water.

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