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For trace and release stingers, 3 metres in a packet


We have been using the mono threaded BFT Titanium No-Kink Leader for release rigs many years now – and this material is without doubt one of the best trace materials on the market for this purpose.

Mono threaded titanium is used for most types of release rigs and hook links made for fishing artificial- or natural baits presented in mid water. Especially for the rear part of the rig, this unique stiff material with a high form memory plays a vital role in preventing the rear hook from tangling up on the hook link or bait.

Another big advantage of this material is, that it will last many times longer than traditional multi strand wire made from fx steel. This is an important factor when making the more advanced rigs, so you don’t need to spend unnecessary long time making rigs all the time. And – in the long run it´s also the cheapest solution, because very often a rig made from titanium will last for a whole season or more – even when catching many fish.

This material can be used for both the rear part of the rig – often called the release stinger – and the front part of the rig – often called the release leader.

When making your rigs with mono threaded titanium you need a good crimping plier for locking your crimps. As the material is very hard and slippery it is important to choose a plier that gives a very good grip on the trace material. We recommend using the SPRO Crimping Plier – also sold via

For mounting the wire in the solid ring for the front hook it is essential to use crimped loops, because this will give the right free and unhindered movement of the hook. Other solid rings on the rig can also be mounted with crimped loops but in the ends of the rig you can also choose to use a four to five turn blood knot tightened up with a small flat nosed plier to avoid waste of expensive wire material. Get this plier in the section for tools here at

30 lbs is a fine choice for light baits and front traces where a delicate presentation is demanded. 50 lbs is the best allround choice for casting heavy artificial baits in the 80-200 gram range – and 60 lbs is the best choice for fx trolling with 40-50 cm large softbaits in the 300-1000 gram class. With free hanging tail stingers where maximum stiffness prevents tangles – 60 lbs is often the best choice.

Read more about how to use this material in the book “Pike Fever”. You can also buy this book here at


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