Stonfo disgorger – Slamatore Bicolore


  • for mounting baitfish on The Elastic Baitfish Release Rig

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When fishing with The Elastic Baitfish Rig for fx pike or other large predators, you need the Stonfo Disgorger to push the front mounted elastic band that holds and steers the baitfish under the gill led of the baitfish: 1) Place the elastic band in the slid of the Stonfo. 2) Stick it into the mouth of the bait fish and carefully under the gill lid without damaging the gills. 3) Take the elastic band out of the disgorger and pull it round the outer gill lid and into the snaplock on the rig.

The Elastic Baitfish Release Rig is your gateway to the highest possible landing rate on large baitfish fished in midwater – fx during slow trolling. Read all about The Elastic Baitfish Release Rig in the book “Pike Fever” also sold at



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