Prologic Rig Connectors Oval – teardrop solid-ring


Teardrop Solid-ring, 30 pcs in a packet

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With In-line Claw Connector you will improve your landing rate with 50-70 % compared to the traditional techniques with large single or treble hooks. When making your own Claw Connectors for in-line trout lures, you need an teardrop shaped oval solid-rings such as this one from Prologic – to fit the Claw Connector In-line Bead, that orientates the connector and hook correctly in the water.

The solid-ring is welded and has all the strenght needed for any predatory fish you are likely to catch in freshwater.

You can buy the Claw Connector In-line Beads here.

NB – the Claw Connector shown in the photo is not included.


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