• 5 premium danish tubeflies for seatrout – perfect for fishing with the super effective L-rigs

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If you want to maximise your landing rate when fly or bombardafishing with small-medium sized flies after searun browntrout off the coast – the easiest way is to fish with tubefly, a L-rig and a size 12-16 treble. With this set-up you will boost your landing rate from approx 40-45 % to 80-90 % – compared to normal singlehooked flies.

Here you get a collection of five super effective clasic danish flypatterns made for coastal seatrout – all made on premium tubes and top quality materials by Unique Flies: Grå Frede, Light Zonker, UV Børsten, Alive Shrimp and Flammen.

The tubeflies are delivered with a silicone hookguard – but this is not used if you fish with L-rig.

How to make the L-rig is explanined in Jens Bursell´s chapter on “The last 50%” from the book “Havørred – refleksioner på kysten” (in danish) also to be bought here at releaserigshop.com. If you are english speaking the setp by stop photos speaks for themselves.


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