• boost your landing rate on your pikefly with 70-80 %. 5 in a packet


The landing rate on traditional single hooked pike flies in the size 3/0-6/0 range is normally only around 50-55% – but can be improved to 85-90 % if you modify the fly with a Releasefly Connector and fish it on a release rig with a size 6-8 treble. A size 6 Owner ST 36 BC X also sold in this shop – is perfect for the job.

With the Releasefly Connector the small treble is semi-fixed during cast and retreive but released in the same second leverage arise. It is very important to mount the Releasefly Connector, so that one hook branch points away from the fly – and two branches points up towards the body of the fly. By doing this you will achieve the best hook and gape exposure resulting in better pentration and a deeper plus more solid hookhold. See how the hook must be mounted and fished here.

If you are a single hook fanatic – you can fish “single hook style” simply by biting off the two upper branches turning up against the fly with a pair of pliers. Leave a few mm of the hook branches because these are important for the hook to get the right grip in the Releasefly Connector.

Read all about how to flyfish with with the Releasefly Connector in my book “Pike Fever” – also found in this shop.

My Releasefly Connector for pike flies comes in two sizes in transparent – size X is for tailored to fit relatively thin wired modified singles and XL is made to fit the more heavy modified singles. They can be glued with Super Glue but epoxy glue gives the strongest result. For custom colors in fx red or orange – contact me at


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