Claw Connector In-line Bead


10 in a packet – made from biodegardable plastic

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With the Claw Connector and a size 12 treble you can improve your landing rate on any trout lure with approximately 50 % – compared to the traditional seatrout set-ups with larger single or treble hooks. This system will work the same way on small in-line lures for rainbow trout and other salmonids.

When fishing an in-line lure you need to use a Claw Connector In-line Bead in order to steer the orientation of the Claw Connector and hook, so that one branch of the treble points away from the lure. This is very important because when pricking the fish on one branch, you get a deeper hookgrip and a better penetration, because one points penetrates much easier than two or three branches. Also – just hooking on one branch is better for the fish seen in a catch and release context.

Apart from orientating the hook correctly, the Claw Connector In-line bead protects the knot and makes the lure rotate correctly.

When fishing the Claw Connector with an In-liner you follow these steps: 1) Make sure the treble hook sits in the connector, so that one branch points forward/away from the lure. 2) Slide the line or fluorocarbon trace through the in-liner and in through the bead in the narrow end. 3) Tie the trace to the narrow end of the teardrop solid-ring on the In-line Claw Connector. If using a fluorocarbon trace in the 0,33-0,37 mm range – use a 4-turn Grinner Knot and leave a tag of 1 mm. 4) Pull the knot/teardrop solid-ring into the hole/groove in the wide end of the Claw Connector In-line Bead, so it sits semi-fixed. You are now ready to fish. Always check, that the hook is orientated correctly in the connector before you start to fish.

The Claw Connector In-line Bead is made from biodegradable plastic and you can get it in bags with either 10 transparent or 5 hot orange + 5 red.

Before using the claw connector – please see the instructional video, so you are sure to mount and fish the connector right.

Also read the article from Fisk & Fri here (in danish).





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