The ultimate release mechanism for release rigs made for seatrout in-line lures. 10 in a packet

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The Seatrout In-line Release Clip is the best and easiest way to create the release mechanism on an in-line lure for coastal seatrout. The clip serves several purposes. It acts as release mechanism on the rig, serves as anchorpoint for the rear attachment of the braid running through the lure, acts as rotation bead – and at the same time it keeps the rig in the right position and distance (1 cm) from the lure all the time. All in one little and very elagant transparent bead (only shown in white on photos to make it easier to see).

How the bead is mounted on the braid going through the in-liner – and how easy its clipped/semi-fixed on the release rig is shown in detail in the book “Havørred – Refleksioner på kysten” (page 294-297) that you can buy here. If you are english speaking – the pictures talks for itself.


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