SKATING HOOK RELEASE RIG (50 lbs) – by Jens Bursell


  • the ultimate moving-hok release rig for medium-large deadbaits. Materials for 5-6 rigs. Casting clips included.

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When using the skating hook release rig you get a much better hook exposure compared to normal rigs for fishing with dead bait – making it possible to use smaller and better penetrating hooks. This – combined with a 100 % reversible moving-hook effect means, that you with this excellent rig get a landing rate being significantly better than the traditional rigs for dead baiting.

With a traditional rig it can be almost impossible to move the hooks inside the mouth of the fish, if and when he fish locks its jaws firmly over the bait – and if the hooks cannot move inside the mouth, you cannot hook the fish no matter how hard you try to strike. But if you have a rig with moving-hook effect, the rig is constructed so that the hooks can move freely forward, despite the bait being locked solidly between the jaws of death. Read much more about the advantages of moving-hook rigs in the book “Pike Fever” – also sold here at

Especially for larger deadbaits over 15-17 centimetres this rig is the perfect choice when you want to maximize your landing rate. Note that this rig is made to be used with casting-clips – being part of this kit (JB Camo Clip).

In this kit you get all you need to make the perfect Skating Hook Release Rigs – including 36 lbs 7-strand titanium wire from Darts, Owner ST36 BC X trebles size 6, Spro Shad Stinger Spikes – plus all necessary solid rings, split rings, power gum and elastic bait bands. Pre-stretch Loom band 2-3 times before tying to hook with Larks Head Knot as shown in the book “Pike Fever”.

NB – compared to photo Darts wire are shifted to the same stuff from SPRO.


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