GHOST TRACE FLOAT RIG – from Mr. Pike/Zebco by Jens Bursell


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The Ghost Trace Flot Rig for baitfish is a the simplest possible rig for baitfishing. It has just one treble at the end and you simply mount the baitfish just in front of the dorsal fin in the back, in the mouth or in the tail depending on the method you are fishing. Backmounting is optimal for stationary floatfishing, mouth mounting is perfect for trolling and tail mounting is super for sub-float paternoster, where you want the fish to swim away from the mainline.

This rig is made from white coated Ghost Wire from Mr. Pike – a color that gives the best counter light camouflage, when seen from below where the pike normally attacks. Or in other words – this white wire is the most “invisible” wire giving the best and most elegant presentation when fishing in the open midwater or surface. Here at the rig is available with hook sizes from 6 – 4 where the biggest are used for the largest baitfish.

Read more about the details and use of this rigs in my book Pike Fever here.

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