TWIN HOOK RELEASE RIG from Mr. Pike by Jens Bursell



The Twin Hook Release Rig – also called Twin Hook Link Baitfish Release Rig in my book Pike Fever – is made to maximize thye landing rate by creating maximum exposure of the hooks enabling you to use smaller and better penetrating hooks compared with rigs where the hooks are set directly in the baitfish. This version of the rig I developed in co-operation with Mr. Pike/Zebco Europe.

On this rig the hooks are dangling freely under the baitfish. It can be used for many purposes but is especially well suited for stationary fishing in the midwater with either live or dead baitfish. Place the bearing single hook 1-3 centimeters in front of the dorsal fin of the baitfish, so it balances horisontally no matter if it is alive and swimming – or dead. The two hooklinks is splitted and semi-fixed on the edge of the lower part of the baitfish – fx in the root of the pectoral and anal fin, where the baitspike will get a good grip. The best hooking you will get if the angle between the two hooklinks is approximately 90 degrees. Adjust the position of the bearing single by pushing the floatstops around the hook up or down.

The top of this rig is tied on white coated Ghost Wire from Mr. Pike – a color that gives the best counter light camouflage, when seen from below where the pike normally attacks. Or in other words – this white wire is the most “invisible” wire giving the best and most elegant presentation when fishing in the open midwater or surface. The Two hook links that runs at the flank of the bait fish are made of an even stronger monostrand titanium wire. The rigs is available with hook sizes from 8 – 2 where the biggest are used for the largest baitfish.

Read more about the details and use of this rigs in my book Pike Fever here.

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